Parenting 101: Are You The Problem?

Haven’t done any episodes lately, but figured I’d better at least link my YouTube channel so this website isn’t just completely useless. Enjoy!

I explain the piece I think most parents are missing when considering the behavior of children. A lot of people will be unable to even hear what I share here, but that does not make it any less true. Are you ready to get real honest, or are you just going to continue working to create the next generation of victims? The purpose of this video is to create strong families and inspire. it is our responsibility to do the work necessary to grow the next generation of strong men and families.

Site Is Back Up!

Bear with me while I continue setting everything up!

I wasn’t getting notifications that my server was past due, and by the time I discovered that it was, it was too late! All my data was gone, So now I’m just getting everything setup again and uploading all the episodes that I had saved on my devices. Some are probably lost forever, but I have a lot of them.

Moral of the story, DO FREQUENT BACKUPS!