015 – Has Your Life Been A Tragedy?

After Some reflection on me relationship and what that’s looked like from the eyes of my children, I’ve discovered that my life has been a tragedy. I talk about why this realization of the greatest thing that could have happened for my family, and the purpose of starring in this tragedy.

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014 – Getting The Love You Want

Why do people typically end up with partners that mirror their overbearing parents? A theory called Imago Theory claims to have the answer, and the answer is to heal childhood trauma. I explain how it seems to be true in my life, and elaborate on the theory and the 10 week program outlined in the book

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013 – Assuming Liability For Your Life

Liability is a fundamental aspect of law, but it is equally important in pretty much all aspects of life, especially your family. I explain how we have assumed liability for our children, how I have assumed liability as a Man, and what I think our society needs as a whole to grow towards good.

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012 – Normalizing Questions and Discernment

A moral society cannot exist without the ability of people being able to discern and question statements made by those with perceived power. It is fundamentally important for us as Men and parents to normalize this behavior in our children and society as a whole.

I describe a few examples of how this is being conditioned out of the people from a very early age, and some of the steps that we are taking to prevent our children from blindly accepting information.

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011 – Understanding Your Children’s Needs and Regular Prayer

Understanding our children is one of the most important responsibilities most people could ever possibly have. Most parents have completely failed in this regard.

I explain the steps that I have made personally, and collectively in our household to ensure we do everything we can to provide this to our children.

I Also explain the benefits I have experienced from regular prayer and share a few of the prayers that I use often.

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010 – Reject Hyper Materialism

Today my girlfriend gave our daughter a collectors barbie to play with and I talk about why not playing with toys, even collectors editions, is detrimental to our society.

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009 – Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Don’t sweat the small things in life, focusing on problems is seriously harmful for your health, and the health of your relationships

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Bear Your Cross

I explain how it is my duty and responsibility to bear the cross in my life and with my family and what that entails for me.

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Parenting 101: Are You The Problem

I explain the piece I think most parents are missing when considering the behavior of children. A lot of people will be unable to even hear what I share here, but that does not make it any less true.

Are you ready to get real honest, or are you just going to continue working to create the next generation of victims?

The purpose of this video is to create strong families and inspire.

it is our responsibility to do the work necessary to grow the next generation of strong men and families.

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Credible Studies Proving Masks Are Useless

Multiple studies have been done that prove masks do not prevent contamination in operating rooms, and a few actually came to the conclusion that they result in more infections. I first came across this post about a year ago, and this post is mainly just for archive purposes because it is the smoking gun in my opinion.

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