030 – Difficult Relationships And Marketing Tricks

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i just learned of a few new books, a new purpose for relationships, and share a little about some of the tricks of marketing poison into your home and onto you and your family.

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One thought on “030 – Difficult Relationships And Marketing Tricks

  1. All one has to do is be aware to see what needs to be done. Pay attention. And Here’s a bit of info you might want to know.. No one scrubs the tub every week unless the whole family is taking baths daily, using lots of soap foaming, and or oily, products. (Wich seems your family does not considering this podcast) or, someone who has a really dirty job and takes a bath every day, and leaving the historic, ring around the tub. Also, your efforts will be futile unless you use poison products on the hard water stains.
    Trust coming from someone who worked with this 💞

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