021 – How I Arrived At The Bible

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This is the first episode that will not air on YouTube. In it I explain how I arrived at the Bible, and doing my best to live under God, with Him as my authority. I talk a little about germ theory, the plandemic, and other things that are just not appropriate for YouTube.

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3 thoughts on “021 – How I Arrived At The Bible

  1. I think it’s also important to say its no wonder you were in fear. Thanks to all social media. How many videos did we see on Twitter showing that happening in other countries people being forced to be vaccinated. police coming to homes telling them they needed to come with them .( I think they were all crisis actors now) I mean, look what else was going on at the time! George Floyd coverage started it all. And how ironic was that, that a cop was leaning on his neck as Floyd was screaming I can’t breath!: at the same time they were telling people to wear a mask . Not to mention the rioting in the streets. I mean that’s all they were spewing out in the world through Tv. And cell phone
    But like you said.. everything is an offer and you can either refuse it or accept it . It’s our free will, to be under God power, or manpower. Good thought provoking podcast Earl.

    1. Very true!

      So many videos promoting and inducing fear it’s insane.

      Great point about the “I can’t breathe” thing with George Floyd! I completely forgot about that but yes it’s designed to be incredibly draining.

      It’s quite liberating and astounding to finally realize that it is indeed all an offer and that it doesn’t have to control your life.

      Thank you for the comment, and thanks for listening!

      1. I guess it is quite liberating to realize you can be in control of your life and how it goes..
        I keep coming to the idea that I am in a game. And I can be a winner or a loser

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