011 – Understanding Your Children’s Needs and Regular Prayer

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Understanding our children is one of the most important responsibilities most people could ever possibly have. Most parents have completely failed in this regard.

I explain the steps that I have made personally, and collectively in our household to ensure we do everything we can to provide this to our children.

I Also explain the benefits I have experienced from regular prayer and share a few of the prayers that I use often.

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2 thoughts on “011 – Understanding Your Children’s Needs and Regular Prayer

  1. These are DEEP! When so many people are out there in the world today chasing that materizism and status through the dollar, This. Investment is the most valuable for the future because it is , in my veiw the most needed. And that is constructive communication between people..Thank you for sharing

    1. I agree that our children and the future of our society is definitely much needed. The next generation is the best investment you could possibly make.

      Thank you for the comment!

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